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Simply put, computers are essential in the success of most businesses today.  When your computers fail, your productivity is impacted.  You need a reliable expert to help maintain your computing environment, including your desktops and laptops, network and servers.

Working as an independent contractor, I have the ability to serve your organization at a far lower price than most consulting firms and computer service companies while providing you professional, expert service using industry best practices and real world solutions.

My computer systems background includes over 30 years Personal Computer experience and more than 15 years Windows Server experience in small, medium and large scale environments.

Knowledge sharing is critical to allowing your business to continue working; As a technical writer, I document all activities and make sure you understand how to keep moving forward - no mysteries, nothing withheld.

Your information is safe - your business is your business; maintaining your systems and confidentiality is mine.

Communication is the key to success.  Share knowledge. - Leeon J. Pezok, Sr.

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