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Smoke Detector Testing for Hartsville Residents
If you reside in the Village of Hartsville, we will gladly come to your home and test your smoke detectors and replace any bad units or batteries.  We will also help you design a fire escape plan for your family.
All for Free --- For more information, please call the station at 215-672-9242 or click here.


Fireworks Facts and Figures
In 1999, an estimated 24,200 fires involving fireworks were reported to fire departments. There was $17.2 million in direct property damage as a result of these fires. Fireworks-related fires have typically caused at least $15-$20 million in property loss (not adjusted for inflation) each year in the past decade.

Most fireworks-related injuries do not involve fires that are reported to fire departments. In 1999, an estimated 55 civilians were injured in reported fires caused by fireworks, but fireworks-related injuries reported to hospital emergency rooms alone totaled 8,500 the same year.

On a typical 4th of July, fireworks cause more fires in the U.S. than all other causes combined. But because most people encounter the risk of fireworks once a year, many Americans do not realize how great that risk is.

Source: NFPA Web-site



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